Krug & Priester officially awarded with the “Blue Angel”

Krug & Priester officially awarded with the “Blue Angel”

Last week Krug & Priester was officially awarded the “Blue Angel” environmental label. We are actually the first and only manufacturers of professional paper shredding machines to be awarded with this eco-label for the exceptional energy efficiency of the models IDEAL 2360 up to IDEAL 4005. This is thanks to the energy saving mode, “Zero Energy Consumption” which ensures completely automatic power cut-off after 30 minutes in stand by mode. Actually it is not only the energy efficiency why we have been awarded with the “Blue Angel”. There are numerous other requirements that we had to comply with such as a durable construction, sustainable and environmentally compatible production processes, high level operational safety, low noise emissions, etc.

Our IDEAL shredders are well known in the market place for their outstanding reliability and operational safety and the “Blue Engel” award represents another important unique feature surely supporting the sales of our professional paper shredders.

Kindly note that from now on we will attach a special label to the top left corner of the cabinet door (models IDEAL 2360 up to IDEAL 4005) showing the “Blue Angel” logo along with some other buttons indicating important characteristics of our paper shredders such as Made in Germany, SPS Safety, etc. Please see attached PDF copy of this label for your reference.

We recommend communicating this unique feature to your dealers and customers in order to distinguish our paper shredders positively from competing models.

You may visit our website to obtain more information on this topic respectively the official website of the “Blue Engel” organisation:


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